True Health Studio | Kettlebells, Zumba, Boxing, Bootcamps | Aurora, IL

True Health Studio | Kettlebells, Zumba, Boxing, Bootcamps | Aurora, Illinois
At True Health Studio in Aurora, Illinois, we believe the formula for healthy living is simple: move right and eat right. That doesn’t mean achieving true health is easy, as anyone who has toiled at the gym for countless hours will tell you. It’s just that big fitness centers and fad diets have overcomplicated things.

That’s why True Health Studio has created a revolutionary new concept: the personal group fitness experience. By combining the benefits of a gym with personal training, we help our clients reach their goals by giving them individual attention and an intense workout in a fun setting. No one gets lost in the back row or a confusing maze of machines.

We offer the results of personal training without the cost. With a range of strength, cardio and movement classes, including kettlebells, Zumba and boxing, we can help you achieve true health at the hands of certified personal trainers without breaking the bank.

True Health Studio is all you need. So ditch the expensive gym membership or personal trainer and attend your first class free today!

Call us for more information: (630) 849-9301

“When you come to True Health Studio, you aren’t just getting a great workout; you are also meeting good people. Everyone is friendly and it feels like one big family! You are treated with respect and genuinely cared for.”    – Jennifer R. (Member since 2011)


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